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Website Localization for Your Global Business.


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  • Translation

    To reach your international audience and to protect your brand and your image, you need a reliable translation service provider. Converting written text from one language to another is both an art and a science and requires professional translators who are also subject matter experts. With the help of cutting-edge language technology tools, the CETRA translation team will make sure you succeed.Read More>>

    Website Globalization

    Web users are a lot more likely to interact with your website if it is available in their own language. Designing a globalized website with foreign-language versions that are culturally sensitive to the target audience requires expertise not only in languages and local cultures, but also in content management and software engineering. CETRA has the experience to deliver localized web content that will make you stand out from your competition.Read More>>

    Software Localization

    Going international with your software can increase your revenues exponentially. Providing an interface in the user’s own language requires not only linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise, but also guidance on preparing the software for localization. CETRA’s software localization engineers will work with you to make your software work seamlessly in any language.Read More>>

    Language Interpretation

    To get your message across to a foreign audience in real time, you need to speak their language. Converting speech between two languages requires interpreters who are experienced linguists, subject matter experts, and reliable professionals. CETRA’s interpreters will make sure that your audience gets the message.Read More>>

    Interpreting Equipment Rental

    Planning a multicultural, multilingual event is a challenge, and selecting the right audio technology can make the difference between success and failure. Interpretation equipment that enables the audience to hear the foreign language interpreters must work seamlessly within the existing infrastructure. Whether you need a few wireless units or a dozen interpreting booths with a team of technicians, CETRA will make sure your event goes off without a glitch.Read More>>

    Sign Language Interpretation

    To effectively communicate and work with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, you need an experienced sign language service provider. Sign language interpreters must accurately convey the thoughts, feelings, words, attitudes, and meanings both orally and by signing. CETRA provides sign language interpreting services that are sensitive to the nuances of this form of communication.Read More>>
  • Voice-Overs

    Sharing your video content with an international audience can increase your reach enormously. Creating a video with a recorded voice-over in the target language requires a combination of linguistic and performing talent. CETRA’s voice-over experts will ensure your foreign language-speaking audience understands what is being communicated without confusion.Read More>>


    Converting audio to text will enable you to capture the content and make it searchable and translatable—whether it’s a recording of a focus group meeting, a physician’s report, a legal proceeding, or a wiretap. Transcribing audio content in any language requires subject matter expertise and technology. CETRA has the variety of resources and tools to help you make full use of your digital content.Read More>>

    Multilingual DTP

    Making your publications available in foreign-language versions will enhance your professional image and increase your bottom line. Maintaining the visual style of the original requires expertise in multilingual desktop publishing and the ability to work in a native file environment. CETRA’s multilingual DTP experts will make sure your publication looks great in any language.Read More>>

    Media & Intelligence Analysis

    Intelligence gathering and analysis will provide your organization with critical data and competitive advantage. Thorough knowledge of the foreign language, culture, history, and politics are prerequisites for providing this service, and CETRA has the resources to provide such expertise. CETRA’s foreign language and cultural subject matter experts will monitor, triage, and translate foreign media and documents to make sure you get the information you need.Read More>>

    Deployable Linguist Personnel

    Linguistic personnel are essential to the success of your foreign mission. In addition to linguistic and subject matter expertise, linguistic personnel must have or be able to obtain security clearance. CETRA puts together resources, contacts, and technology to meet your personnel requirements. We have found qualified linguists all over the world, including in lower-density languages such as Brahui, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Sindhi, Somali, and Urdu.Read More>>


    Adapting your marketing and advertising materials for international markets will help you build a global brand. This transcreation process goes beyond translating your content; it requires expertise in the target markets and the ability to convey your message in a culturally appropriate manner. CETRA’s transcreation experts will make sure your message hits the target every single time.Read More>>


  • Market Research

    CETRA works with marketing research companies and social and opinion researchers, providing language services for surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews that help gather data and insights to identify and analyze foreign-market needs, size, and competition.Read More>>

    Government Services

    CETRA provides a full suite of language services to government and non-governmental organizations worldwide. From supporting the US foreign policy mission to translating documents for the European Commission to localizing the World Bank’s study materials for the African market, CETRA has the expertise to help your organization succeed globally.Read More>>

    Meetings & Conferences

    CETRA has wide-ranging experience providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in meetings and conferences for government agencies, corporate clients, and educational institutions. In addition to interpretation services, CETRA offers interpretation equipment rental options to make conference planning as easy as possible. Read More>>

    Life Sciences

    CETRA works with the life sciences industry to provide ISO-certified translation and interpretation services in more than 100 languages. CETRA has the language solutions you need to reach global audiences and is a preferred language services provider for biotech associations and contract research organizations.Read More>>


    CETRA works with advertising companies in the globalization process to help adapt materials and campaigns for the target country. Our linguists support advertisers in creating content that is culturally sensitive while maintaining the impact and message of the source materials.Read More>>


    CETRA specializes in providing language services to the legal profession. Our translators and interpreters have extensive experience and are well versed in legal terminology, and our project managers are sensitive to the specific needs of legal clients in work ranging from translating litigation documents to providing interpretation for court hearings. Read More>>
  • Information Communications Technology

    CETRA provides translation and localization services to information and communications technology companies ranging from multilingual operation manuals to foreign-language software interfaces. Our localization experts have the linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise to ensure the highest quality in the translation and localization of your products and technical documents.Read More>>


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