Expertise: Market Research

Remote Interpretation

CETRA supports the qualitative market research industry through over-the-phone (OPI), video remote interpretation (VRI), and remote simultaneous interpretation. Our platforms are ideal for clients who need telephonic and video interpretation for focus groups, in-depth-interviews and other qualitative tools, including conferences and events.

Our interpreters and project managers know the industry, understand your markets, and can help with multilingual marketing. Our interpreters are professional and experienced. We provide OPI and VRI services in more than 250 languages and American Sign Language.

Our remote interpretation service can be scheduled in advance or accessed immediately through our on-demand service. CETRA can also provide all of the audio/visual and technical equipment you need for your interviews. No matter where in the world your focus group is located, we have the resources, tools, and industry experience to help you achieve your research goals.

Our experience includes:

  • Over-the-phone interpretation of doctor-moderator in-depth interviews on Gene Therapy in 5 languages
  • Remote Spanish interpretation for focus groups on healthcare insurance
  • Remote interpretation of webinar for Amharic-speaking residents

For more information on our remote interpretation services or to request a quote, please contact the Director of Interpretation Services.