About Us


/set – ra/
1. A trusted Language Services Partner with a focus on quality and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
2. An organization dedicated to helping people globally to understand each other and the world around them.


CETRA Management Team

CETRA Language Solutions was founded in 1997 by Dr. Jiri Stejskal, a Czech émigré, who was finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and was building a business as a freelance translator. When a major Philadelphia law firm contacted him about translating thousands of litigation documents from Czech into English, Jiri recruited all the Czech translators he knew and started a company under the name Central European Translations. A few years later, the company broadened its focus and began to serve corporate clients in mainstream languages. A year after that, it became a preferred provider to the US federal government and began participating in high-profile projects such as transcribing and translating Saddam Hussein’s trials. To reflect the new scope of services extending beyond Central Europe, the company changed its legal name to CETRA. In order to accommodate clients worldwide, CETRA now has offices in Pennsylvania, California, Ireland, and Germany.


CETRA’s services include translation, interpretation, sign language interpretation, website and software localization, multilingual typesetting, voiceover, and audio-to-text translation for corporate and government clients in more than 200 languages.

CETRA Promise

CETRA will deliver an exceptional customer experience that will give you peace of mind. Getting to know you and earning your trust is the foundation of delivering this experience. You can be sure that your cross-cultural communications will always be accurate, on time and culturally sensitive and our experienced professionals will have the specific expertise your business requires. You will be treated to professional, friendly, responsive service that saves you time, simplifies the process for you and makes working with us a pleasure.