Services: Remote Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation, also known as Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), allows individuals who do not speak the same language to communicate through an interpreter in a three-way conference call. These calls can be scheduled in advance or, when there is an immediate need, initiated on demand.

Telephonic interpretation is an ideal method to connect participants who speak different languages in a quick, convenient and effective manner.

We provide OPI in more than 250 languages. Our interpreters are professional, experienced and hold HIPAA, government and language-specific certifications.

The Benefits of Over-the-Phone Interpretation

  • Speed: On-demand interpreting needs can be met within 30 seconds for most languages.
  • Technology: Enjoy crystal-clear audio on your landline or cell phone.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate costs, such as travel and other expenses, associated with on-site interpreting.
  • User-Friendly: Our OPI infrastructure is built with the customer in mind and provides a seamless experience.
  • Resources Availability: Hundreds of interpreters are available at any time to meet your specific needs.

We take quality control seriously. With all our telephonic interpreting services you can expect:

  • Responsive project management
  • Ongoing assessment of interpreter quality, technology and account management
  • Assignment and account follow-up from our project managers

For more information on our over-the-phone interpretation service or to request a quote, please contact the Director of Interpretation Services.