Expertise: Legal

Remote Interpretation

The legal system requires foreign language interpreters in hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Increasingly, remote interpretation services are being called upon by law firms, legal offices, and courts on the local, state and federal levels.

Converting speech between two languages requires interpreters who are experienced linguists, subject matter experts, and reliable professionals. This is especially true in legal proceedings. CETRA can provide interpreters remotely that are court-certified and experienced, and will make sure your legal message is interpreted correctly.

Our over-the-phone and video remote interpretation service allows you to receive either foreign language or sign language interpretation through a computer, phone or other device when on-site interpretation is not desired or is unavailable.

CETRA’s remote interpretation service can be scheduled in advance or accessed immediately through our on-demand service, which connects you with a qualified interpreter for real-time assistance when needed. Our OPI and VRI services are available in more than 250 languages and American Sign Language.

Our experience includes:

  • Scheduled video remote interpreting for a deposition between a limited-speaking English client and attorney for a national law firm
  • Scheduled interpretation using a law firm’s existing third-party platform to provide English-French video remote interpretation for a legal proceeding
  • Remote telephonic interpretation in Cantonese and Mandarin for depositions with an international law firm

For more information on our OPI and VRI services, please contact the Director of Interpretation Services.