Services: Transcription


Converting audio to text will enable you to capture the content and make it searchable and translatable— whether it’’s a recording of a focus group meeting, a physician’s report, a legal proceeding, or a wiretap. Transcribing audio content in any language requires subject matter expertise and technology. CETRA has the variety of resources and tools to help you make full use of your digital content.

Focus Group Transcription

CETRA provides many options for transcribing your multilingual market-research focus groups. Our transcription services include monolingual transcription, direct translation, and transcription of audio recordings into the source language and then translating the resulting document. Although working with audio recordings of several speakers is challenging, our transcriptionists will provide you with a clear, clean transcript of your focus group.

In-Depth Interview Transcription

CETRA provides transcription services for in-depth interviews in the market research industry. In-depth interviews involve a moderator and one respondent, making the transcription process less challenging than focus-group transcription. Our experts are well versed in all different fields of research, especially within the medical field.

  • – Japanese direct translation of 10 one-on-one in-depth interviews about lymphoma
  • – Monolingual English transcription of in-depth interviews about mental health diseases

Wiretap Transcription

CETRA has the resources and in-depth industry knowledge required to handle your transcription projects, including monitoring lawful wiretaps and audio recordings to provide summaries or transcripts. CETRA is supporting the National Foreign Language Center’s work for the Defense Language Institute by transcribing video and audio recordings.

  • – Transcription of body wiretaps for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  • – On-site linguist support for wiretap monitoring and transcription for the FBI’s Language Services Section