Expertise: Technology


CETRA is your marketing and technical communications expert, with focus on technology and the consumer electronics industry. Our language services for the technology industry bring the added value of vast repository of technology-related data and professional linguists who understand the technology industry and technical terminology.

The technology industry by its very nature is dynamic and is constantly evolving. So are we. CETRA can integrate state-of-the-art translation tools with your existing platforms to deliver accurate, professional language services.

In response to the growth in the number of complex environments in which content is authored, managed, stored, and published, CETRA has developed a translation process that allows us to work directly with many different file formats (HTML, XML, IDML, DITA, CSV, JSON, PO, etc.) and CMS platforms. We recognize the time and cost benefits of working seamlessly with coders, designers, and content managers across web, mobile, IoT, and API interfaces.

We provide translation and localization services to technology companies ranging from multilingual operation manuals to consumer surveys and financial documents. Our localization experts have the linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise to ensure the highest quality in the translation and localization of your products and technical documents.

Our experience in technology and consumer electronics includes:

  • Software development
  • Point-of-Purchase software
  • Packaging, instructions and product information
  • Marketing materials
  • Online applications
  • Application text
  • Cybersecurity
  • Consumer surveys
  • Commercial and business contracts
  • International banking and financial information