CETRA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

25th AnniversaryCETRA Language Solutions, a leading provider of translation, interpretation, and other language services, celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month. The company has grown since its founding as a one-person startup to become a global language service provider (LSP).

CETRA was founded in 1997 by Jiri Stejskal, who immigrated to the US as a political refugee from Czechoslovakia nine years earlier. He was a freelance translator and a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania when the opportunity came along to start a language company in order to support international litigation at a major Philadelphia law firm.

CETRA 25th Anniversary Timeline
CETRA’s 25th anniversary timeline.

According to Stejskal, the company’s silver anniversary means more than just 25 years of providing language services to clients.

“Our purpose is to help people better understand each other and the world around them. It has been truly rewarding to have had the opportunity to carry out that mission each day for the last 25 years,” said Stejskal, CEO of CETRA. “I am proud that we can provide high quality translation and interpretation services for many diverse clients across the globe.”

CETRA today has four offices in three countries. It provides language services to the market research, technology, legal, health care, and other industries, as well as government and nonprofit clients. CETRA was most recently ranked in the 2022 Slator Global Index, and in the top 25 North American LSPs by the Common Sense Advisory.

A timeline of CETRA’s growth features its ISO 9001 certification for international quality management standards and its two contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide translation and interpretation services for the US government agencies, including high-profile cases such as translation and transcription of documents and recordings for the Saddam Hussein trials.

In addition, CETRA has also supported various charities through its “Doing Good” initiative that work to support refugees, relieve illness, provide disaster relief, strengthen communities, and promote cultural exchanges around the world.