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Favorite CETRA Blogs 2018

We try to cover a lot in our blog.  Our goal is to provide insight into language services, along with tips and updates that are directly relevant to various other fields. Following is a recap of our favorite blogs of the past year, including those we found most insightful, most clicked and others we just […]

Customer Experience, Holidays and Localization

With more than $120 billion in online holiday shopping anticipated this year, engaging customers and maintaining a strong consumer experience starts with speaking to them in their own language.  This is called localization: adapting a product or content to meet the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country. Ensuring your […]

Top CETRA Blogs 2017

We strive to cover a lot of topics in our blog. In this end-of-year feature, we spotlight our top blogs that had the greatest impact with a wide variety of audiences. Enjoy! —— Finding Your Place on the Automation Frontier How are artificial intelligence and neural machine translation impacting market research, legal, life sciences and […]

Four Steps to Localizing your Mobile App

A great app is focused on user experience and the value it brings to your customers. You not only need to translate your app, but to recreate the experience for international audiences. Factors to consider are internationalization, translation, image and video localization, etc. You’ll need to get your text localized, the design optimized for each […]

Le Tour, Localization and Sales

The Tour de France 2017 is well underway, and, as an avid cyclist, a recent article in Slator spotlighting the language localization efforts of the Trek Bicycle Corporation grabbed my attention. Localization is the process of making your company’s web site, product information, online content, software, marketing materials and more available in different languages. It also ensures […]

CETRA Language Solutions Opens Office in Germany

Dr. Jiri Stejskal, President and CEO of CETRA, a leading language services provider headquartered in the United States, is pleased to announce the opening of a new company location in Heidelberg, Germany. The Heidelberg office will focus on sales and marketing to further grow its European client base. CETRA’s European translation, localization, and interpretation services […]

Insight Innovation Exchange: The Future of the Market Research Industry

Recently GreenBook presented the first North American Insight Innovation Exchange in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This conference brought together innovators in the industry to dig deep into the future of Market Research. They explored ideas for new technological advancements in research that will replace traditional methods.  Each brilliant presentation offered the audience a view into the future of the market […]

5 Steps to Take before Software Localization

Software localization is a necessary step for any software provider  trying to compete in a global market.  Adapting software for an international audience not only requires professional translation, but development expertise to ensure readiness for new markets without sacrificing quality or functionality. When you decide to localize your software, you will gain a significant return […]