Top CETRA Blogs 2017

We strive to cover a lot of topics in our blog.

In this end-of-year feature, we spotlight our top blogs that had the greatest impact with a wide variety of audiences.



Finding Your Place on the Automation Frontier
How are artificial intelligence and neural machine translation impacting market research, legal, life sciences and other industries?

ESOMAR 2017: Emerging APAC Markets
This year’s ESOMAR conference spotlighted the latest technology and emerging market research countries in APAC.  CETRA’s Kimberly Groff gives her perspective from the conference.

ISO Quality Standards and Risk Management
A major feature of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard is risk management.  How can your business keep risk management from slipping down the priority list.

Four Steps to Localizing Your App
A great app is focused on the user experience, and there is no greater way to engage your audiences than by localizing your content.  However, it requires more than just translation.

Accuracy: The Importance of Professional Linguists
From emergency responses to product labeling and health care research, the importance of having accurate translation is critical.

Interpretation Industry Trends 2018
Robin Smith, CETRA’s Manager of Interpretation Services, provides some perspective on the trends and evolution of interpretation.