Helping People to Better Understand Each Other

Imagine a world without translators: How would we communicate with each other? With nearly 7,000 languages spoken around the globe, trade and cultural exchange would be impossible. Leaders of nations could not talk to each other. Scientific discoveries could not be shared. Books could be read only by those who speak the author’s language. Cross-border traffic would come to a halt. Breaking news would reach only a select few. The Olympic Games could not be held. Nations in distress would not receive assistance from more fortunate ones.

There is a constant need for language skills. Having the ability to connect different languages not only helps people to better understand each other, but also to better understand the world around them.

With the scheduled exit of the UK from the European Union, an organization in England has noted the impact linguists have in the nation’s economy. At the same, recent US Census data shows that more than one-in-five US residents now speak a foreign language at home, and that number is on the rise.

We encourage you to read two recent examples of the importance translators and interpreters have in our global community.

Report on US Census Data | BBC Article