ASLIB London: Technology Insertion Model at NVTC

The Association for Information Management: Translating and the Computer Conference – 17 & 18 November 2011


ASLIB London: Technology Insertion Model at NVTC

An Effective Model for Insertion of Translation Technologies into US Government Translation Environments
Carol Van Ess-Dykema, U.S. Department of Defense

National Virtual Translation Center Charter (NVTC)

  • Established by US Congress in response to 9-11-2001
  • Provides expert, high quality translation for US intelligence, defense, federal initiatives
  • Over 100 languages
  • Using Technology Insertion Model:
  1. Design and adhere to an advanced translation architecture (NVTC’s E-Workflow Translation Technology Online Network – NEWTTON – system)
  2. Introduce Technology Components with Largest Impact (only most mature technologies, only few at a time)
  3. Prototype Language Capability End-to-End (integration of sequential processes)
  4. Establish Research Partnership (SDL Language Weaver, IBM Research, Army Research Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, National Research Council in Canada)
  5. Engage the Customer from the Beginning


  • Adopted NEWTTON architecture; implemented features associated with new human work roles and feedback mechanism
  • Identified best suite of OCR systems for language needs
  • Developed metric for TM technology assessment (plan to select one or more MT systems)
  • Process in place for aligning parallel corpora and for MT as an adjunct to OCR
  • Selected Arabic, Chinese, Spanish for first end-to-end system implementation