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Organizing Multilingual Data on a Shoestring Budget

Businesses with an international customer base typically collect data in numerous languages.  As small businesses continue to expand, many may not have the budget for a complete translation, but still want to better understand their global data.  In this situation, in-language coding may be your best choice. In-language coding is the assignment of codes to […]

Road Tests and Online Reviews

Imagine an automobile company putting a new car to market without road testing it first.  That is the equivalent of market researchers putting a multilingual survey out in the field without it having gone through an online review.  Both the road test and online review work out the bugs, and ensure that the product or […]

2018 Year-in-Review by the Numbers

Every year we take a moment to reflect on the previous year.  It usually takes the form of a review by the numbers.  Our year-end review typically includes the number of words and Asian-language characters translated to more poking-fun-at-ourselves numbers, such as the amount of coffee or pizza consumed by our staff over the year. Some […]

Favorite CETRA Blogs 2018

We try to cover a lot in our blog.  Our goal is to provide insight into language services, along with tips and updates that are directly relevant to various other fields. Following is a recap of our favorite blogs of the past year, including those we found most insightful, most clicked and others we just […]

Perspective: Research & Results 2018

The Research & Results 2018 conference (a major annual market research conference) was held in late October in Munich, Germany.  Angela Wende, CETRA’s Chief Marketing Officer, traveled to the conference from our office in Heidelberg to meet with our various market research clients in attendance and learn about the latest trends in the industry. Angela […]

Customer Experience, Holidays and Localization

With more than $120 billion in online holiday shopping anticipated this year, engaging customers and maintaining a strong consumer experience starts with speaking to them in their own language.  This is called localization: adapting a product or content to meet the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country. Ensuring your […]

Talking AR & VR at ESOMAR APAC 2018

CETRA was proud to attend the ESOMAR APAC 2018 conference this past May. The event was held in Bangkok’s Shangri-La hotel with the beautiful Chao Phraya River as the backdrop. The fast-flowing water winding its way towards the bright skyscrapers and modern heart of Bangkok was a perfect analogy for the conference theme of “Drive.” […]

For Social & Public Opinion Research: Wording Matters

As a provider of translation services, we always stress the merits of accuracy when localizing content from one language to another when reaching multilingual audiences.  The success and reputation of our company depends on it. One particular area where proper wording is especially important is social and public opinion research. When it comes to generating […]

CETRA Optimizes Translation Workflow for Confirmit XML Files

CETRA is piloting an internal translation process that is specifically designed to optimize translations for market research companies that work with  XML and Confirmit files. CETRA is the translation leader for the market research industry, and we specialize in providing translations for clients that utilize XML and Confirmit files. The benefits of our advanced XML […]

CETRA Turns 21

CETRA celebrated 21 years of serving clients around the world this month. Jiri Stejskal founded the company to provide language support for litigation between a Czech bank and a US software provider, and for the first five years the company was called Central European Translations to reflect its focus on the languages of Central Europe. […]