Celebrating International Translation Day 2018!

Happy International Translation Day 2018!

Happy International Translation Day 2018!  On September 30 each year, we say thank you to all of the talented and dedicated translators and interpreters worldwide for your hard work and dedication in helping people to better understand each other. Since it falls on a Sunday this year, we are joining the language industry in recognizing your efforts on this day.  Happy Friday!

While we greatly appreciate the importance of translators and interpreters on this day, we know your passion and effort are carried out on a daily basis throughout the year.

We encourage all to visit the celebrations of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), who held a poster design contest for the image to the right, and American Translators Association (ATA), which posted insightful information about the differences and roles of translators and interpreters.

We hope you will join us and the many other translation and interpretation organizations worldwide in celebrating International Translation Day.