CETRA CEO on CNBC: Technology Creating Language Jobs

CETRA was recently featured on CNBC’s “Where the Jobs Are,” and Jiri Stejskal, CETRA’s President & CEO, noted that while technology is allowing more content to be translated, there continues to be an increased need for the human translation of highly specialized material.

“The overall industry is growing because of the CNBC Where the Jobs Areamount of content out there — it’s increasing exponentially,” said Stejskal.

In the segment, entitled “As the Earth feels ever smaller, demand for translators and interpreters skyrockets,” freelance translator Jutta Diel-Dominique discusses her work as a translator, and American Translators Association President David Rumsey provides an overview of the growth of the language services industry. The segment also spotlights the work of translators and interpreters at the United Nations.

The CNBC piece comes on the heels of Stejskal’s participation in a forum hosted by the Delaware Valley Translators Association, where he presented a translation automation map that outlines which industries benefit from machine or human translation.