CETRA 2016: Top Blogs; Year in Numbers

We laughed. We cried. We blogged. We drank lots of coffee. We complete our year-end wrap up with a look at our top blogs from last year and our 2016 by the numbers.

Top Blogs of 2016:

CETRA at Historic ASEAN Summit on Languages
CETRA was invited to participate in a historic summit to assist with the creation of a Translation and Interpretation organizational body for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Olympic Interpretation: For Some, It’s a Golden Opportunity
Organizers for the 2018 Games in South Korea and 2020 Games in Tokyo have already launched their language service efforts.  Olympic interpretation is not easy.  In many ways, those striving for Olympic interpretation must match the same dedication to their craft as the athletes do to their sports.

CETRA Expands In-Language Coding Service
Designed primarily for the market research industry, in-language coding has significant value for any company or industry looking to better analyze large volumes of multilingual text.

Trends: APAC Market Research in Transition
There is a great push to focus on technologies, content, and formatting that appeals to a generation of consumers who insist on things being simple, appealing to the eye, and integrated with their current technological preferences – namely, cell phones (particularly Androids for the Chinese market).

CETRA Provides Language Services for Chiefs of Defense Conference
CETRA was tasked by the US Pacific Command with providing high-level language services for the annual Chiefs of Defense (CHOD) conference. It was the sixth time CETRA provided language services for the conference.

Interpreting Sustainability: Is it Sustainable?
Sustainability may have some of the most fluid and evolving terminology of any industry.  This new and rapidly evolving industry presents challenges for interpreters and translators to stay current with the terminology, while also addressing cultural differences when providing language services to clients.

CETRA Ranked as a Top LSP
CETRA Language Solutions was recently ranked as the 25th top Language Service Provider (LSP) in North America and the 91st LSP worldwide.  The annual rankings are made by an independent marketing research company called Common Sense Advisory (CSA).

GALA 2016: It’s Not Man vs. Machine
The overarching topic was a new approach to integration of technology. We are now moving toward a notion of “man and machine,” viewing technology as a complement to human intellect rather than its replacement.

CETRA’s 2016 By the Numbers:

Thank you to everyone who worked with us in 2016 helping people to better understand each other and the world around them.  We look forward to working together with you to reach even greater heights in the New Year!