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Interpreting Sustainability: Is it Sustainable?

Written by: Richard Ochab Editor’s Note 12/12/17: The ATA recently published an article about translation and sustainability in the Chronicle with resources on professional development for translators and interpreters. For even more, see CETRA’s recent blog on sustainability and market research. Every industry has its own terminology.  Some, such as medicine and patents, is more […]

What makes a great Language Services Provider?

Given the low entry barrier for establishing a translation or interpretation business, the market is flooded with providers of language services. The question then arises – how do you select the best provider that will suit your needs? We offer the 5 key considerations to help you find the right language services provider (LSP). 1. […]

Tony Guerra quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer

Recently our Director of Interpretation Services, Tony Guerra, was interviewed for an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the growing demand for translation and interpretation services. We are pleased to finally be able to share it as it hit newsstands yesterday! Click here to read the full article: “In Translation: More multilingual workers needed”.

A Witness To History: Memories of the Nuremberg Trials

The Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA) in partnership with The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University and CETRA Language Solutions is proud to announce a special event where WWII Veteran, Dr. George Sakheim, will speak about his experience as an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials. The presentation and reception will take place on October 12, 2013 at La Salle […]

How Technology is Changing the Interpretation Industry

While the latest smart phones and new technologies allow us to "facetime" and "hang-out" instantaneously it is no wonder these high tech tools are changing the language industry too.  Recently an interpreter in St. Joseph, Missouri was given a peek at Google's latest project, Google Glass, to see how the technology can help his career. Kansas City Star reporter, Alicia Stice, interviewed Al […]