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CETRA is constantly recruiting freelance translators and interpreters.  We encourage freelance contractors to submit their information using the form below to our Global Resource Manger, who will review your submission for inclusion in our international network of contractors and consideration for assignments with current and future clients.

Have questions?  Please see the FAQs for freelance contractors at the end of the form.

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    How can I become one of CETRA’s contractors?

    Send us your resume and fill out the online form to be considered for CETRA’s projects. After we evaluate your credentials and find them satisfactory, the information is entered in the CETRA database. Individual contractors are then selected for particular projects depending on their areas of expertise, qualifications, and rates.

    How do I get paid?

    To receive payment, you must e-mail, fax, or mail us your invoice which includes the number of the Purchase Order issued by CETRA, language, task performed, and rate. Translators are paid in US dollars. For translators in North America, the payments are made via company check. Translators who live overseas are paid via PayPal or via wire transfer.

    How long does it take to get paid?

    CETRA pays all translators on a net 45 days basis, i.e., 45 calendar days following the date of your invoice, unless another arrangement is made in advance.

    How do I know that I am in the CETRA database?

    E-mail us and we will verify your record. Please allow thirty days after you fill out the online form. After that, you can send us your inquiry at any time.

    Is it OK to ask questions when working on a particular project?

    Absolutely! In fact, CETRA prefers translators who routinely request feedback concerning terminology and other issues that are not clear. If a translator returns a particularly challenging project without asking a single question or providing comments on the translation, we get suspicious about the quality of the translation and the integrity of the translator.

    Will my translation be edited by another person?

    Typically, every translation goes to an editor and then it is reviewed in-house. This does not mean, however, that you should compromise the quality of your translation in the hope that the editor and the proofreader will fix any problems. They may fix them, but they will also comment on the quality of the translation.

    Can I subcontract projects assigned to me by CETRA to other translators?

    All material provided to contractors is the property of CETRA or its client and may not be reproduced, disclosed or divulged. CETRA prohibits subcontracting assignments by contractors without prior consent.

    Does CETRA provide assistance with obtaining security clearances?

    CETRA has several translation contracts with the US government, and security clearances are required for some projects. The most common is the Public Trust clearance which can be obtained by US citizens or permanent residents. It involves obtaining a set of fingerprints and filling out three forms. CETRA will provide applicants with all necessary forms. The main questionnaire is available for preview.