CETRA Optimizes Translation Workflow for Confirmit XML Files

CETRA is piloting an internal translation process that is specifically designed to optimize translations for market research companies that work with  XML and Confirmit files.

CETRA is the translation leader for the market research industry, and we specialize in providing translations for clients that utilize XML and Confirmit files.

The benefits of our advanced XML translation process include:

  • Faster turnaround of cost and timing information to the client
  • Earlier initiation of the translation process, as linguists can begin working on the file sooner
  • Reduction of human error through increased automation of the workflow

CETRA already maximizes workflow across its global operations centers through its Business Management System, Plunet, which is specifically designed for language services providers. The new program for XML files will be similarly integrated across CETRA’s locations worldwide.

CETRA provides language services for more than 400 market research and social and opinion research companies.  Our market research services include translating multi-country surveys; online reviews of translated surveys; translating open-ends/verbatim responses; and in-language coding. CETRA is also experienced with tracking studies, online bulletin board translation, and medical topics.

CETRA also provides focus group interpretation and transcription services, as well as telephonic interpretation for in-depth-interviews.

For more information on our services in the market research industry, please contact Rich Ochab.