Why the Life Sciences Industry Needs Translation Services

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The Life Sciences industry is expanding globally despite a challenging economic climate and an uncertain political atmosphere. Large and small pharmaceutical and medical companies need to expand their business into international barriers if they want to keep up.  One thing that doesn’t cross most companies’ minds initially is the need for a quality translation and interpretation service. 

With diabetes and cardiovascular conditions expected to increase globally, the demand for improved medical devices and technology is also on the rise.  Entry into new markets is becoming easier for most companies, but there is serious competition for price and quality.  What companies need to focus on is quality in all aspects of their business, including translation and localization.

When expanding globally it is important for Life Sciences professionals to find the right translators and interpreters to ensure the quality of their business in new markets.  The language service provider your company uses needs to use translators and interpreters that have extensive knowledge in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.   It is important for businesses to use a quality translation service for all medical documents because a translation mistake can be extremely costly and even deadly.  For example, in 2001 Mead Johnson Nutritionals recalled 4.6 million cans of Nutramigen Baby Formula due to misleading Spanish directions on bilingual labels.  The problem was caught before any infants became ill or died, but the cost for recalling and re-labeling the cans was exorbitant. 

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