What is Foreign Language Transcription?

Transcription is the conversion of spoken words into writing. There are many ways we can transcribe something, as well as combine transcription with translation or interpretation. Below are some examples which can help you better understand how to utilize transcription services.

Foreign Language Transcription

We take your audio file in your source language (such as Spanish, Korean or Arabic), and transcribe it into words onto a single document in the source language. There is no English used in this process.

Direct Translation

We take your foreign language audio file, and transcribe and translate it into a single document written in English.

Transcription and Translation

We take your audio file in a foreign language, and transcribe that into the original source language. Afterwards, the written transcription is translated into English. You receive a two documents, one of each language.


Your foreign language audio file is processed by an interpreter who produces an audio file in English. There is no written document included.

Who uses our services?

Often, law enforcement, legal, and government officials might use our services to secure official records. For example, CETRA was chosen to transcribe the videos of the Saddam Hussein trials for the Department of Justice in 2005. Other times marketing research firms want to transcribe foreign language interviews like IDI’s or focus group results. Whatever the case may be, CETRA has the variety of resources and in-depth industry knowledge to handle your foreign language transcription projects.