The Rosetta Foundation is making a difference and you can, too

Friends of The Rosetta Foundation micro-invest in the future of six billion people

Language is one of our most precious gifts. Yet, many people are denied the use of their language to access healthcare, education, justice. Help to remove the language service and technology access barriers for “non-commercially viable” languages and content. Let’s prove the 20th century business people wrong!

Become a micro-investor in the future of the six billion people who have not yet joined the digital age because they are not “financially viable”. Make a difference and donate ten euro per month to The Rosetta Foundation (TRF). Join the hundreds of supporters who develop and maintain the infrastructure for free translation and localization to nonprofit organizations!

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Reinhard Schaler, the CEO of TRF, will keep you up to date on the progress of the organization’s work and the return on your social micro-investment.

The Rosetta Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (charity) registered in Ireland. It supports the not-for-profit activities of the localization and translation communities.