TAUS Data Association Opens Language Data to the Public

TDA opens free “Corpora-for-MT” service to the public

TDA repository already contains 3.4 billion words

TAUS Data Association (TDA), a non-profit web-based platform for sharing language data, has made translation memory (TM) upload and download open for public users. Anyone in the world can download TMs at no cost as long as they also upload TMs. A user who wants to download more data than they have uploaded will be able to buy credit bundles. This new free public service will drive the adoption and improvement of machine translation (MT) technology. The TDA repository already contains 3.4 billion words in 320 language pairs of human-quality translations, an invaluable resource that has been in use by TDA members for over two years. By opening the platform to public users TDA aims to increase the volume of translated words in more languages and more domains, in turn creating greater benefits for members and new users.

TDA also aims to drive the global translation industry towards greater interoperability. According to a TAUS survey this past month, 38% of the market think that the lack of interoperability costs more than 10% of their translation budget. Forty-three percent don’t know exactly how much it costs them and 12.5% think it costs them more than 30%.

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