Systran and European Commission Revisited

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A few weeks ago we posted a blog entry titled “European Commission Ditches Systran.” More news emerged in the last couple of days, one a press release from Systran and one a blog entry from Common Sense Advisory (CSA).

In the press release, Systran announced that “announced the availability of a prototype of its hybrid machine translation (MT) engines dedicated to the translation of European Union legal documents into 56 language pairs.” Read more…

Don DePalma of CSA comments on Systran’s introduction of machine translation for the European Commission Corpus: “What Systran has done with this release is demonstrate both its new engine’s ability to be tuned to specific domains and its SaaS credentials, although the first instance won’t get the usage that it might have seen prior to December 16th, 2010. In any case, this new Systran prototype shows that there is plenty of room for competition and innovation in the MT sector.” Read more…

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