Simultaneous Conference Interpretation for US Pacific Command

Simultaneous Conference Interpretation: The 15th Chief of Defense (CHoD) Conference, November 68, 2012 Sydney Australia

CHOD Tony and Pintara

 CETRA Language Solutions was recently awarded the contract to provide simultaneous interpretation services and equipment for the 2012 Chiefs of Defense (CHoD) conference, a prestigious meeting of all high-ranking military representatives of the 36 major Asia-Pacific countries.  Celebrating its 15th year, the CHoD Conference was held on November 6-8 at the Sydney Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, Australia, and featured key military leaders and policy makers from the region. This was the third time that CETRA has had the honor of providing US Pacific Command (PACOM), the host organization, with services for this conference. The languages requested were Khmer, Laotian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.  CETRA was also required to provide coordination of the logistics of the interpreters’ mobilization and preparation, as well as oversight of the interpretation equipment operation and technical staff.

The interpreters – a team of two for each language – were recruited both locally in Australia and internationally, and were selected for their linguistic and diplomatic expertise; they provided simultaneous interpretation support to the various Chiefs of Defense and their delegates throughout the conference. US PACOM, whose  primary mission is to defend the United States and its interests, sponsors this conference to further its goals in the Asia/Pacific region. This region is home to more than 50% of the world’s population, a vast array of languages and religions, several of the world’s largest military forces and two of the three largest economies in the world.  The main thrust of this annual conference is to advance security and stability throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and promote multilateral cooperation among the friendly and allied nations that comprise the region.  This year’s theme was Two Oceans, One Region: Strengthening Security in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Oceans.

CETRA is an experienced provider of conference interpretation, including linguists and equipment, for international US military conferences.  CETRA has provided linguists and equipment in CONUS and OCONUS locations, including Honolulu, Miami, Brasilia, Lima and Seoul.  In addition to Pacific Command for the 2009, 2010 and 2012 CHoD conferences, CETRA serves other clients in the defense and military sector, including the US Army (Foreign Military Studies Organization and WHINSEC).


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