Resume Writing for Freelance Translators II

Yesterday I posted an article on Resume Writing for Freelance Translators. Here is a helpful follow-up information from ATA’s Business Smarts:

For maximum effectiveness, your résumé should focus exclusively on your translation and interpreting background. Past work experience should be listed only if it has a direct connection to your area of specialty or current translation work. This means that the résumé templates provided in many software packages are not helpful, or need to be adapted in order to produce an effective freelancer’s résumé.

Most project managers and recruiters at translation companies prefer a concise format that fits on a single page, and are interested in finding out exactly what your language background is, including your education, international experience, and certifications. Translation agencies additionally want to know about your computer equipment and computer-aided translation tools.

If you also provide a brief description of past projects and names of references, keep in mind that you may still be bound by confidentiality agreements and cannot disclose, without permission, the identity of specific end clients for whom you worked through an agency. It is acceptable to state that you worked for Agency ABC, but not that you worked through them for Fortune449 Inc. We also advise asking for permission before you list anyone’s name as a reference.

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