CETRA Deploys New Resource Portal for Linguists

CETRA recently unveiled a new portal designed specifically for linguists in its Plunet business management system. The rollout of the Resource Portal comes at the same time that CETRA optimized its business management system by updating to the latest version of Plunet.

The Resource Portal, which was rolled out in several waves over the course of the first quarter this year, will make working with CETRA more efficient and seamless for linguists. CETRA’s goal is to eventually integrate its entire network of more than 5,000 linguists into the Resource Portal.

Resource Portal Benefits to Linguists

Accepting jobs: Linguists are able to accept and track the progress of assignments directly in Plunet.

Delivering jobs: Linguists are able to deliver jobs to CETRA’s Project Managers directly in Plunet, which eliminates email file size restrictions, bypasses email spam filters and even enables the secure transfer of sensitive files.

Invoicing: Linguists can upload and process invoices directly in Plunet, which will reduce discrepancies and speed up the invoicing process.

Reporting: There are various reporting features that linguists can access in order to organize their assignments and also pull reports from active and past jobs.

Calendar: Linguists can access a summary of current jobs and the status of each job, and have the ability to log absences.

General: Linguists can update their address, phone number, email and other general contact information.

Plunet is a business management system designed specifically for the language services industry. CETRA recently updated to the most advanced Plunet 7.1 software, which offers additional reporting and other features for clients and linguists.

Additional information on the Resource Portal for linguists will be provided on an ongoing basis. In the meantime, linguists can contact Michael Harter with any questions or for more information.