Perspective: Research & Results 2018

Research & Results 2018
Research & Results 2018 Conference — Image c/o Research & Results

The Research & Results 2018 conference (a major annual market research conference) was held in late October in Munich, Germany.  Angela Wende, CETRA’s Chief Marketing Officer, traveled to the conference from our office in Heidelberg to meet with our various market research clients in attendance and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

Angela recently sat down with our web editor to provide her perspective on the conference, and how industry trends are shaping collaboration between market researchers and language services.

Were there any prevailing themes at Research & Results 2018?

The influence of emerging technologies and the need for accurate and as-immediate-as-possible insights into the market research for clients were two of the major themes that resonated throughout the conference.  We provide language services to some of the industry leaders, and nearly everyone we had the opportunity to meet with at the conference really focused on innovative digital market research methods looking ahead.

How does that impact language services?

Similarly, new technologies are constantly advancing and shaping the language services industry.  We see artificial intelligence and the evolution of machine translation as two important innovations for language services.  At CETRA, we continue to evolve along with innovations to provide tailored services for our market research clients.

How can advances in language services best meet the needs of tomorrow’s market research clients?

The new technologies that we integrate into our service offerings for market research clients allow us to stay in concert with our market research clients.  First, accuracy is a must and will be a constant throughout our translation process.  However, advances in translation technology allow us to meet budgetary constraints and increasingly fast turn around times.  This allows our clients to provide the needed insights to their end clients sooner, who can then make informed decisions on their products or services.

With this focus on technology, are there any time-tested standards that remain a constant?

For us, providing accurate translations and offering responsive customer service is, and will always be, a hallmark of our services to the market research industry.  CETRA provides language services for hundreds of market research clients worldwide, including some of the largest international agencies and smaller, more niche-focused firms, and our commitment to them remains the same.

Research & Results 2018 was held from October 24-25 at the Munich Conference Center.  The conference featured 190 exhibitors from 25 countries.

For more information on CETRA’s services for the market research industry, please contact us at or 215-635-7090.