Name ATA’s New Client Newsletter and Win Free Registration to the ATA Annual Conference

In early 2010, the American Translators Association will launch a complimentary e-newsletter designed for consumers of translation and interpreting. Building on the success of Getting It Right and Translation: Buying a non-commodity, this new publication is expected to appear four to six times a year and will be available by subscription and on ATA’s website. Each issue will feature practical tips and best practices on a specific aspect of translation or interpreting – planning ahead, listening to your linguist, budgeting wisely and using computer translation tools safely, to name just a few. Like ATA’s Client Outreach Kit, the newsletter is designed to score a triple win, benefiting you, your clients, and the translation and interpreting profession as a whole. By offering lively, accessible content to current and prospective clients, the newsletter will make the profession more visible and help consumers avoid common pitfalls, leading to more successful translation and interpreting projects for all involved. Over time, you’ll benefit from a more sophisticated clientele—and you’ll be able to use the newsletter right away to strengthen your position in working with your clients. (“As a matter of fact, the American Translators Association just published a newsletter on this very point. Let me e-mail you that PDF: it’s only one page, it’s very readable, and it may help solve our problem.”) Sound good? It gets better: put on your thinking cap, come up with a suitable name for this exciting new publication and you could win free registration to ATA’s annual conference in Denver. Here’s how to enter: * The contest: From December 16 to January 15, ATA will hold a contest to name the new client outreach newsletter. * The goal: The ideal name will be clever, punchy and memorable. * The prize: The winner will receive free registration to ATA’s 51st Annual Conference, slated for October 27-30, 2010 in Denver. The winner will also be acknowledged in the first issue of the newsletter and at the Annual Meeting of All Members in Denver. * The deadline: Entries must be received no later than midnight Eastern Standard Time on Friday, January 15. ATA reserves the right to extend the contest deadline. Send entries to or to ATA at 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590, Alexandria, VA 22314. * The competition: Any member of ATA may enter. You may submit as many entries as you like. * The fine print: No late entries will be accepted. If multiple entrants propose the same winning title, the earliest-dated entry will win. ATA will have sole discretion in naming the client outreach newsletter and is under no obligation to select any of the entries received. All entries become the property of ATA. The winner will receive no compensation other than acknowledgement in the first issue of the newsletter. From the ATA Bulletin Tags: American Translators Association, ATA, ATA Client Newsletter, ATA Conference, translation