LocWorld Session on Increasing Your “Y”: Web Traffic, Users, Donors, Sales and Profit

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Increase Your “Y”: Web Traffic, Users, Donors, Sales and Profit

Speakers: Minna King (SurveyMonkey), Jack Welde (Smartling)
Host: Ben Sargent

There is a significant and demonstrable opportunity for companies to expand globally. As a result, translation service providers have responded with new or expanded offerings, new business models and user-friendly plug-ins. Yet some companies feel the process is still too hard or too expensive — or both. In this presentation, we will dispel some of the common myths around website localization and what is holding back multilingual business. We will discuss specific customer examples — their processes and results — to highlight the advantages of going multilingual. We will provide details on how SurveyMonkey is taking advantage of the opportunity and how they kick-started global growth, leveraging the Smartling platform and translation delivery network. As a participant, you will walk away from this session with specifics on how to increase your key online metrics (web traffic, users, sales, profit and such) with local language sites and global search engine options.


Smartling is a localization platform, launched two years ago. Smartling is a cloud-based software platform for translation management and delivery of website and app.

Translation & Technology (from Web 2.0 point of view) – issues affecting Web 2.0 companies:

  • Translation/localization is often an afterthought
  • Short timelines
  • Continuous deployment /near-realtime turnaround
  • Hybrid approach to translation (pro, crowd, MT)
  • Tech ecosystem: marketing website, web application, mobile, email, data


Taking SurveyMonkey international.

  • Over 9 million registered users
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based, self-service platform
  • Currently supporting 13 languages
  • Dutch was the first language launched by SM; it took about 5 weeks; growth rate in the Netherlands tripled in two weeks following the launch