LocWorld Session on Global Social Media: What Works, What Doesn’t . . .

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Global Social Media: What Works, What Doesn’t . . .

Panelists: Lucy Allen (LEWIS PR), Matt Sanford (Twitter), Adam Singer (LEWIS PR)
Moderator: Kathleen Bostick

Kathleen’s intro:

  • Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world
  • 93% of marketers use social media
  • 60% of tweets are not in English
  • Facebook has 400+ million users
  • YouTube hit 3 billion views per day
  • renren (China) has 160+ million users
  • 71% of companies are using social media
  • It’s not about doing it ALL – but doing it RIGHT!
  • Financial performance correlates with engagement (in social media)
  • Dell employs 40 social media strategists and has a sophisticated Social Media Command Center

Matt on Twitter:

  • Global social media: it’s still local
  • Hugo Chavez joined Twitter three months after he stated that it was a tool of terrorists

Tips from Matt:

  • Be ready for a quick response to feedback
  • Some topics transcend borders. Most don’t.
  • Per-locale accounts can be very successful (multiple account for multiple languages)
  • Know your limits
  • Tone is just as important as correctness
  • Choose your social media outlet carefully
  • Central communications management can hinder localization

Lucy on the global social media challenge:

  • There is no such thing as “location” in social media; but location is still a reality
  • Social media is global, but societies are local
  • Consideration for Global Media Strategy:
    • Research first!
    • Establish organizational model (e.g., hub and spoke)
    • Define messaging and content strategy
    • Allocate sufficient resources
    • Establish processes/policies at global level
    • Create ‘center of excellence’ at corporate level
    • Manage rogue team members
  • Encouraging collaboration:
    • Make sure you have a two-way process
    • Share goal and the strategy
    • Have a healthy respect for process

Adam on segmentation:

  • Don’t create more channels that can manage effectively
  • Protect your brand if you plan to step up participation in the future
  • Avoid outposts becoming ghost towns
  • Less = more
  • Integrate with other digital initiatives (SEO, PR, etc.)
  • All social assets should be optimized for search
  • Integration should also consider, e-mail, PPC, website, etc.
  • Integrate search and social through corporate blog

Adam on metrics:

  • Assign KPI and outcome metrics for each market
  • Track all the way to conversion
  • Integrate social, web, search, e-mail, PR and other tactics for each market together
  • Present in dashboard to key stakeholders, use data to iterate tactics

 What do you think? How do you use social media in your global business?

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