Language Services 101

We often talk with people about language services who ask for translation when they really need interpretation. It’s a common misunderstanding. Yet, the differences between the two are significant.

Dominika Weston, CETRA’s Global Resource Manager, recently published a blog on LinkedIn entitled “So, You Think You Need a Translator.” In her piece, Dominika deeply describes the differences and different settings where translation and interpretation are needed.

An important part of her blog notes that not everyone can be a translator or interpreter.  Dominika notes:

“So, if one knows a foreign language and is considered fully bilingual, does it mean one can effectively translate and interpret? Not so much!”

Translation and interpretation is a valuable profession, and when you are in need of these services it is important to bring in professional linguists.  This will ensure accuracy and professionalism in your language services. Dominika offers some guidelines for hiring or selecting translators and interpreters.

For more information, we encourage you to read Dominika’s full blog.

Editor’s Note: This blog was written with permission from the original blog’s author.