Introducing the New Officers of the American Translators Association!

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and directors of the American Translators Association!

 ATA pres elect

Caitilin Walsh, President-Elect

“My ATA work has centered on chapters and a term on the Board of Directors and the Governance and Communications Committee. I strive to serve the Association and its members with clarity of intent and transparency of process.”

 ata secretary

Boris M. Silversteyn, Secretary

“ATA’s secretary plays an important role and has serious responsibilities. Two terms as a director have given me a good understanding of the workings of the Board. Combined with my attention to detail, my experience will help me to discharge these responsibilities properly.”

 ata treasurer

Gabe Bokor, Treasurer

“As I did in the past two years, I will continue to look for opportunities to reduce costs and enhance revenues, and I will regularly inform you about our finances, answer your questions, and carefully study your suggestions aimed at giving you maximum benefits from the use of our resources.”

 ata director

Lois M. Feuerle, Director

“In an environment of very tight budgets, it is crucial to develop more and closer cooperative working relationships with organizations outside of ATA whose goals and missions complement those of our organization, so that we can undertake projects that neither group could afford on its own.”

 ATA director2

Virginia Perez-Santalla, Director

“I have learned firsthand how to work as a member of a Board. ATA’s Board is volunteer entity whose members want the best for the Association and cooperate with each other to carry out as many positive decisions as they can for the benefit of the members. I will continue on this path to obtain more recognition for our profession in the global environment and provide service to our members.”

 ata director3

Timothy T. Yuan, Director

“I am an unwavering supporter of our professional development programs. We must continue to raise the bar for quality language services. Our members value opportunities to learn more about each of our individual languages and fields of specialization.”