Innovative Strategies for Global Success: Localization World Keynote II



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Innovative Strategies for Global Success

Speakers: James Carroll (Yahoo! Inc.), Mark Tapling (SDL)
Moderator: Ulrich Henes

Innovation is all around us, and companies are constantly looking at ways to innovate in order to increase competitive advantage and ultimately to thrive and survive. Innovation is the catalyst to growth. It requires creativity, market knowledge, profitability, efficiency and vision. Without innovation, a business will fall behind and eventually die, particularly when the overall business climate deteriorates.


  • The web made our world lot smaller and more elastic
  • 500 million new web users expected over the next two years, particularly in emerging markets
  • Local is the new global
  • Global platforms allowing for local flexibility used at Yahoo
  • Yahoo serves up personalized experience to each user on the home page based on user preferences
  • Internationalization is not just a ROI function; you need to develop your product for global audience irrespective of whether you are translating it or not
  • Create your product with localization in mind; have a localization system in place


  • Paradox of innovation in the localization industry: trying to deliver disruptive technology while preserving the art of translation
  • “Five whys” concept
  • Fail fast and fall forward
  • Status quo bias is prevalent in our industry
  • Vision: Have one! Stand for something
  • Invest in local markets
  • Bad ideas can be the catalyst for great ideas

Where do you find innovation?