GALA 2011: Language Technology Bonanza

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) puts on its third annual conference in Lisbon on March 28-30, 2011.

In a session titled “Language Technology Bonanza: a Dozen Tools in 90 Minutes,” moderated by Bob Donaldson of Carson Strategy Group, the language technology vendors got a chance to pitch their products in a structured environment. Below is a brief summary of each “speed primer” on the latest tools.

GeoWorkz: Division of Lionbridge which developed Translation Workspace. Delivers an industry scale, real time, “Live Assets” solution. E-commerce portal and marketplace: project management, language management, reporting/analytics, and infrastructure management. Includes job alerts for Lionbridge partners.

Interpreters-on-Call: Cloud-based hosted service. Recruits professional interpreters worldwide and connects them with LSPs. Also provides a platform for teaming to bid on large government contracts. Supports all interpreting assignments. Connects any customer anywhere in the worlds to an appropriate interpreter. Claims to offer “any language to any language.”

 Kaleidoscope: Query & Review Management tool. Supplements Trados solutions by providing query management workflow for project managers, translators, and reviewers. Available apps for terminology work: Synching Language, Connecting Content, quickTerm.

Lucy Software and Services: Provides machine translation technology and solutions through a modular and scalable system. Components: LT Clients, LT Task Scheduler, LT Engines, LT LexShop, Lucy LT Web-Client, Lucy LT Inbox/Outbox Client, and APIs for easy integration.

 MemSource Technologies: “Authoring meets translation.” Tool designed to achieve consistent language in the authoring stage. Also provides complete translation environment (MT, TM, terminology management). Authoring Memory & Translation Memory & Term Base solutions.

 MultiCorpora: Acquired Beetext to offer complete translation management system: business management, project management, terminology management, translation memory. Apps: MultiTrans ALTM, Flow MMX. Offers flexible licensing models.

Plunet: Business & Workflow Management Solution for planning, steering & controlling of all company processes, including finances.

SDL: Featured SDL Trados Studio 2009. Translation memory, terminology management, dedicated translation environment, and project management. Claims to virtually eliminate DTP. Improves quality and consistency. New features: Project Automation, AutoSuggest, SDL OpenExchange. Scalable from desktop to centralized solutions.

SYSTRAN: Introducing SYSTRAN 7 Hybrid Technologies (combining rule-based and statistical translation) in SYSTRAN  Enterprise 7 Server. Adapting the MT engine to each translation project. SYSTRAN Translation Server is complemented by SYSTRAN Training Server which builds customization resources from enterprise content.

Wordbee: Wordbee Translator – SaaS solution supporting business management, machine translation, project management, resource management, translation management. Combination of a CAT tool and project management tool.

Wordfast: Mission – to provide the most user-friendly TM software at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. World’s second largest TM provider (25K+ users). Platform-independent.

XTRF: Translation Management System for LSPs and translation departments. Includes invoicing, cash flow management, business reporting, and management of branch offices. Provides CAT tools integration. Works with (automated synchronization of data). XTRF Link is an app for project synchronization. Also offers exchange rate synchronization, scheduler, CRM.