CETRA at DVTA 2020 Annual Event

Members of CETRA’s staff attended the annual event of the Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA) on March 8 in King of Prussia, PA. CETRA was one of three corporate members in attendance.

During the DVTA 2020 event, CETRA’s Dominika Weston, Sara Joint and Kristin Lynch enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with several of our translators and interpreters, while hearing positive feedback about work with our clients.

The event featured a presentation about marketing strategies for freelance linguists via Zoom from Tess Whitty. Her presentation not only included the inbound marketing process, but also several ideas on how to leverage the ideal client target market from a freelancer’s perspective.

Thanks to the DVTA!

Dominika Weston, CETRA’s Global Resources Manager, contributed to this article.