Data Security by Language Services Providers

Do you know how your language services provider (LSP) protects your data? Similar to other business-to-business service providers, LSPs must safeguard the data of both their clients and also the end users.

COVID-19 is speeding up companies’ adoption of digital channels due to social distancing and other health guidelines for curbing the spread of the virus. Technology makes it possible for companies to continue their business by being able to serve their current customers, and possibly grow their business, by being able to gain new customers.

The question is whether the companies that have adopted digital channels overnight have also considered the challenges that may occur when integrating new technology, including ensuring data security. Classified or confidential information is being transmitted back-and-forth more frequently than before.

CETRA has consistently invested in technology aimed at not only designing easy-to-work-with and dependable processes for working with our customers, but also at securely transmitting, storing, and backing up sensitive or confidential information. CETRA began operating a cloud-based information technology environment in 2014. Thanks to this infrastructure, adjusting to the “new normal” was seamless as our secure cloud environment enabled us to continue to work with customers, while protecting our team members in the United States, Ireland, Germany, and South Korea and giving them the tools needed for working remotely.

We are frequently reminded of the importance of data security when clients or potential new customers ask about how we protect their data. This includes the transmittal of files to CETRA and our work with expert translators and transcribers.

We maintain rigorous network and information security procedures, including data encryption, network access procedures, and virus protection software. Our cloud-based system includes a multi-factor authentication system when accessing the cloud. Invalid login attempts into the cloud system result in account lockouts.

We also employ a business management system, which is specifically designed for the language services industry, to provide secure transmission of files with clients and our linguists. This secure connection uses SSL/TLS encryption standard, and access requires a username and password. All CETRA project managers and linguists/subcontractors have a signed NDA in place.

As businesses maintain their observance of health guidelines and many continue to work remotely, the focus on data security should remain an important element to our working environments. For more information on CETRA’s data security protocols, please contact

Article co-authored by CETRA’s Anukware Adzima, Corporate Strategy Advisor, and Rich Ochab, US Marketing Manager.