CSA Ranking 2021: CETRA Among Top 25 US Providers

CETRA Language Solutions (CETRA) was ranked this year as the 24th top Language Services Provider (LSP) in North America in the annual review of the language services industry by the Common Sense Advisory (CSA). CETRA moved up five places this year from last year’s ranking.

CSA Ranking 2021: CETRA Among Top 25 US Providers
Jiri Stejskal, PhD, CETRA, CEO

“We are proud to maintain our top spot in the language services industry – especially with the pandemic and global economic challenges resulting from COVID-19,” said Jiri Stejskal, President & CEO of CETRA.

“The rankings help spotlight the resiliency of the language industry, and the need for translation and interpretation in many sectors continues to grow. This recognition is an affirmation of our commitment to provide high quality language services for our customers worldwide,” continued Stejskal.

This CSA Ranking 2021 marks the 17th annual survey of the language services and technology market by CSA. The survey results provide industry data about service distributions, technology adoption patterns, and industry trends.

Based on a comprehensive survey of industry providers, the annual report ranks the Top 100 global and the largest providers in each of seven global regions. CETRA has been included in these rankings since 2015 when it made the Top 100 Global and the Top 25 North America lists. Since then CETRA appeared in the Top 100 Global several times, and every year in the list of top LSPs in North America.

For more information on the CSA Ranking 2021 or our translation, on-site interpretation, and remote interpretation services, please contact us at info@cetra.com.