CETRA’s Top Blogs 2019

We try to cover a lot in our blog. Our goal is to provide insights into language services and languages for clients, linguists and friends.  Some of our top blogs 2019 provide helpful tips and relevant updates across many industries, while others we liked just because they were fun!

Following is a recap of our favorite blogs of the past year. Enjoy!

Road Tests and Online Reviews
For market and public opinion researchers, an online review can greatly impact the validity of responses and accuracy of a multilingual survey.

Top Legal Interpretation Hacks
Part of our role is to serve as cultural consultants and advise clients on the best approach when language services are needed. This is a checklist to consider when requesting legal interpretation.

Tattoos and Translation
Ariana Grande got a new tattoo to celebrate her hit song “7 Rings,” as she often does to commemorate major events.

Jæja! CETRA Hits the Road
Staff from CETRA’s various departments traveled to locations far and wide this summer.  During their free time they kept an eye out for funny or interesting sights about the local language.

To Transcribe or Direct Translate
Many can be unsure of the differences between monolingual transcription, direct translation, and translation with transcription.

CETRA Ireland Celebrates 7th Anniversary
CETRA Ireland, which is located in Limerick, leads the company’s website globalization and software localization services. The office also expanded CETRA’s ICT and market research client base in the EMEA market.

CETRA Celebrates National One Hit Wonder Day
We love music here at CETRA, and we decided to celebrate National One Hit Wonder Day in our own way.  (We love you Vanilla Ice!)

Organizing Multilingual Data on a Shoestring Budget
As small businesses continue to expand, many may not have the budget for a complete translation, but still want to better understand their global data.  In this situation, in-language coding may be your best choice.

We hope you enjoyed our top blogs 2019. For more information on CETRA and our language services, please contact info@cetra.com or call 215.635.7090.