CETRA’s Top 2015 Interpretation Language Pairs

We just can’t get enough top 10 lists. In that spirit, we were intrigued by an annual top ten list of the online language pairs with the fastest-growing demand by the Common Sense Advisory (CSA).  Just for fun (we’re such language nerds), we wondered how CETRA would compare.  The results were intriguing.

We compared the language pairs that were most requested last year for our interpretation services. While many were comparable to CSA’s top language pairs, we also found that we provided many interpreters for languages that are in the exotic or less-frequently spoken categories.  This speaks to the reach and needs of our clients, but also to our ability to provide a wide spectrum of  languages.

“CETRA has the resources to meet the diverse needs of clients, which range from the most popular worldwide languages to some of the most unique,” said Jiri Stejskal, the CEO and President of CETRA. “Reviewing our languages provides us the opportunity to ensure that we maintain the needed resources for clients and set competitive rates.”

CETRA Top 2015 Interpretation Language Pairs
English <>Spanish
English <> Arabic
English <> Hmong
English <> Somali
English <> American Sign Language
English <> Chinese
English <> Russian
English <> Bosnian
English <> Vietnamese
English <> French
English <> Polish (this is #11 as a bonus language)

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