CETRA Provides Sign Language Interpreters for AERA Conference

CETRAsign and another local agency, Deaf Hearing Interface (DHI), recently partnered to provide sign language interpreters for the 2014 American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, titled The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy.  Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from Thursday, April 3, to Monday, April 7, this major educational event attracted  over fourteen thousand high-level academics, educators and researchers from all over the United States and the world, including an impressive line-up of Deaf and hard of hearing faculty attendees from notable universities.

To best serve the needs of the Deaf and hard of hearing attendees, many of whom were also presenters in their highly specialized fields of research,  CETRA and DHI pooled their resources and brought together a remarkable team of thirty six Philadelphia area based American Sign Language (ALS) interpreters, representing the very best of the tri-state area’s conference-level interpreters. Covering a schedule of over 200 sessions during the five days, as well as evening receptions, they efficiently and tirelessly supported the needs of the presenters and attendees. The significant cooperation between CETRAsign and DHI to manage the complicated event was enthusiastically received and highly praised by the interpreters who teamed seamlessly throughout the event, as well as the Deaf conference participants and AERA administrators.

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