CETRA Peer Applause

Teamwork.  Thoughtful.  Humor.  Helpful.  These are some of the words that our staff have used to describe their peers at CETRA.

The descriptions were part of CETRA’s Peer Applause program, which was designed as an internal way to recognize the efforts and contributions of CETRA staff.  Each month, an internal committee would select a CETRA staff member to be recognized by their peers.  The designated person would not know they were being recognized.  The other staff members would then submit a word or short story describing the positive attributes the selected staff member displayed in support of CETRA’s values and customer services principles. The selected staff would then be recognized at a staff meeting, and receive a peer applause award, which included a word cloud of the submissions from the CETRA team.

The program has been ongoing for more than two years, and a summary of the program was given at a recent staff meeting.  The results were impressive:

  • 28 total CETRA staff members recognized by their peers
  • 12,916 total words submitted in recognition of CETRA staff (the equivalent of the average length of five college term papers)
  • 461 average words submitted per person

We hope to create a new program and continue the tradition of recognizing CETRA Staff.  We welcome submissions to qualitymanager@cetra.com about our fantastic staff across our offices in the United States, Ireland, Germany and South Korea.