CETRA Launches Multilingual E-Discovery and Litigation Translation Support within Relativity

CETRA Translate E-Discovery Translation for Litigation in Relativity

CETRA today announced the launch of its CETRA Translate app to support multilingual e-discovery within the Relativity legal platform. This latest translation technology builds on CETRA’s more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the legal industry.

CETRA Translate plugs into both Relativity One and the Relativity Server environments. The CETRA app allows legal teams to translate more than 130 foreign languages into English without leaving their own Relativity platform. CETRA Translate is included in the official Relativity App Hub.

The CETRA Translate app is designed to provide law firms and corporate counsel with a user-friendly and cost-efficient tool to support multilingual e-discovery and international litigation. It offers speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.

“Our latest language technology is designed for multilingual e-discovery and litigation support for US-based legal teams,” said Jiri Stejskal, CETRA’s CEO. “CETRA was founded in 1997 to support the e-discovery process of a Philadelphia-based law firm. The CETRA Translate app is our newest offering to support the work of the legal sector.”

The app automatically identifies the foreign language of documents within the Relativity platform and supports the most common file types for e-discovery, including Microsoft Office documents, e-mails, PDFs, text files, and other file formats.  Clients using the CETRA Translate app can select tiers of translation support according to their needs, including raw machine translation, post-edited machine translation, and publication-ready translation.

“The CETRA Translate app leverages the speed and efficiency of AI-powered machine translation, backed up with the responsiveness, personalized customer service, and expertise of our project managers and translators,” said Stejskal. “The combination of CETRA’s latest technology and our professional human experts with legal translation experience gives clients peace of mind in their multilingual litigation.”

For more information or for a free demonstration of the CETRA Translate app, please contact Anukware Adzima or email info@cetra.com.