Bridging Cultural Divides

It is common for people to experience “culture shock”when traveling internationally. It can also occur when meeting someone new from a different country, even if the encounter is on your home soil. Yet, bridging cultural divides is possible with patience, understanding and possibly the assistance of a native speaker.

While culture may seem simple to some, Dominika Weston, CETRA’s Global Resource Manager, discusses the importance of culture and how to better embrace diversity in her recent “Cultural Awareness” blog.  Dominika describes culture as:

“Culture seems to be very simple, yet it is so very complex from every angle you approach it. It’s the way you think, act and interact with others. It is a written map that offers guidance through the journey we begin when we conduct business on a global arena. We must learn how to acknowledge the differences and be willing to learn about them, sometimes even embrace and absorb them in order to succeed in our communication effort.”

Professional translators and interpreters can not only help bridge language barriers, but they can also provide cultural insight from their native countries to better assist with the communication. In addition, your professional linguists should also be accomplished in various industries or subject areas, such as market research, legal, life sciences, etc.

For more information on bridging cultural divides, please read Dominika’s complete blog on cultural awareness.

Editor’s Note: This blog was written with permission from the original blog’s author.