ATA 52nd Annual Conference

CETRA will be attending the ATA Conference this year in Boston, exhibiting at booth 7. Please stop by and visit us!

In addition, President and CEO Dr. Jiri Stejskal, past president of ATA who currently serves as vice-president of the International Federation of Translators, will be moderating a panel discussion on Language Standards at the Language Technology Division’s Annual Meeting.

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After reading the article “The Year of Standards” on the LTD website and Alan Melby’s article on Data Standards in the October issue of The ATA Chronicle, join us for a brief excursion into the activities and initiatives in Data, Process and Metrics standards with our invited Panelists Beatriz Bonnet, Susanne Lauscher and Alan Melby.

Dr. Stejskal will also be speaking on a panel discussion entitled, “Working with the General Services Administration”. Language Service Providers (LSPs) and tool providers seeking business with the U.S. government are encouraged and sometimes required to be on the General Services Administration (GSA) Contract. The session will cover: 1) benefits for LSPs and tool providers of being on the GSA Contract; 2) requirements; 3) steps; 4) issues; and 5) resources for getting help.

CETRA actively participates in the development of language quality standards as a member of the US delegation to the ISO Technical Committee 37 and a member of the ASTM F43 Committee.

See you in Boston! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Panel discussion “The Great Standards Debate” on Saturday, October 29th, from 11:30am-12:30pm (LT8), and for Friday, October 28th, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am for “Working with the General Services Administration,” by Jennifer A. DeCamp, Rusty Shughart, and Jiri Stejskal.