A Witness To History: Memories of the Nuremberg Trials

The Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA) in partnership with The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University and CETRA Language Solutions is proud to announce a special event where WWII Veteran, Dr. George Sakheim, will speak about his experience as an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials. The presentation and reception will take place on October 12, 2013 at La Salle University’s Dan Rodden Theater from 11:00am until 2:00pm.  

The event presents a once in a lifetime look into the historical events that took place after World War II and the Holocaust.  The Nuremberg military tribunal prosecuted nearly two-dozen top Nazi leaders between November of 1945 and October of 1946. Apart from its historical and political importance, the tribunal also laid the ground work for the interpreting profession aswe know it today. 

Tony Guerra, Director of CETRA’s Interpretation Services and President of the DVTA says: “This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in hearing a first-hand account of such a significant and world-changing event.” 
Dr. Sakheim was born in Hamburg, Germany, later lived in Frankfurt and Berlin, and fled with his mother from Nazi persecution to Palestine in 1933.  In 1938 he came to America, where he attended Columbia University, New York University and later Florida State University. During World War II, he served in military intelligence, prisoner of war interrogation with the 104th Infantry Division in France, Holland and Germany. After the war, from October of 1945 to
May of 1946, he was an interpreter at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.  He was named a Chevalier in 2008 by the French Legion of Honor, and most recently Dr. Sakheim’s photographs from the Nuremberg Trials were added to the collection at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

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