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Adrian WallAdrian Wall is the General Manager of CETRA’s office in Limerick, Ireland. He joined CETRA with executive and technical experience in software localization for leading international corporations, including Microsoft and Symantec. In addition, Adrian earned his degree in Business Studies and holds a postgraduate diploma in software localization.   CETRA Ireland also partners with the nearby University of Limerick and its renowned localization center.

Adrian recently met with our web editor for a brief spotlight on his experience, insights on language services and has favorite color, book and bands.

A Spotlight on Adrian:

Editor: What interested you in software localization?

Adrian: Software Localization goes much further than the translation of the User Interface. Bringing a software product to a global marketplace not only requires professional industry specific translation, but the development expertise to ensure the localized product is tailored for new markets. Localization has shifted from software to web site and apps over the past decade, but it is this basis in development that I find the most rewarding.

How does having an office in Ireland benefit CETRA’s clients?

As CETRA’s expansion has grown over the past five years, it is clear that having an office close to clients is key. There is no substitution for having regular face-to-face meetings to help build a strong working relationship and it provides clients with peace of mind knowing that they have an immediate contact in their own time zone.

Explain how CETRA Ireland collaborates with the University of Limerick’s localization center, and how it can provide added value for CETRA’s clients?

There are two key benefits to collaborating with UL’s localization center: We are kept up to date with developments within the industry through conferences and workshops; and the center provides a pool of skilled candidates for roles within the company.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment:

In a previous role with a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia and wireless networking products, I directed the transition to multilingual software, firmware, documentation and packaging for over 30 products allowing the company to expand operations in new markets.

Place you always wanted to visit: San Francisco and Palermo, Italy

Person you would most want to meet: Christopher Hitchens (Died 2011)

Favorite food: All Italian food

Favorite Color: Grey. We see lots of it in Ireland.

Favorite Movie: Paris, Texas

Favorite Book: An Evil Cradling by Brian Keenan

Favorite Sport: Football/Soccer

Favorite Song: Old Man by Neil Young

Favorite Band: John Lee Hooker