About UsCore Values

At CETRA we take pride in the diversity that characterizes our profession and strongly oppose acts of discrimination or violence on any basis, including language, skin color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

CETRA is committed to maintaining a culture that nurtures healthy, dynamic relationships, grounded in respect, kindness, open-mindedness, integrity, creativity and enjoyment. We believe that such relationships with clients, vendors and among our own staff are the key to good business, as well as the personal and professional growth of individuals.

We are guided by these 5 Core Values:


In a fast-growing company, change is a constant. Part of being creative is embracing change and being open to new ideas. Coming up with innovative project management solutions, finding translators and interpreters for less common languages and providing training and support for employees in remote locations are examples of some of the areas in which we are constantly required to apply creativity. In the stressful world of providing services, having some downtime is important in order to keep things fresh and retain perspective. We enjoy using creativity to bring some fun and celebration into our days, too!


Empathy is key to providing superb service, and it is especially important since our tagline is “Our word, your peace of mind.” It is important to truly understand what our client’s needs are, and the pressures they may be under, so that we can provide real solutions for them. Our vendors, too, are vital to our success and we do our best to work with them as true partners in each project. Within the company, empathy is just as necessary; we all need to feel heard and supported. Simply recognizing the humanity in each person that we have contact with and treating everyone with respect and kindness, is at the heart of this value.


Teamwork is really the name of the game at CETRA. Setting up efficient systems, where roles and tasks are clearly defined, is the first step. Beyond that, we place a high emphasis on open communications, and strive to support each other and remain flexible. Sometimes we need to ask for help; other times, we can offer to help others. Sharing experiences and knowledge benefits the whole team, as does identifying and celebrating each person’s strengths and contributions.


Having resilience means having staying power; that means we’re not going to give up when the going gets tough, or even when we run into what seems like a dead end. Individual mistakes and oversights, power outages, office flooding, personal emergencies and bank errors are examples of some challenges we’ve faced in the past. We do our best to prevent issues, and we are also prepared to work through difficult situations when they arise and come out stronger on the other side!


Both corporate and intellectual agility are vital elements at CETRA. At the strategic level, we want to be able to respond to opportunities for growth as they present themselves. Operationally, we want to be able to provide individualized responses to unusual requests. Internally, we want to allow our employees some flexibility in finding a work-life balance that meets their needs. All of this means keeping our corporate structure as open and light as possible, staying up to date with technology, and providing appropriate support to our staff.